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Open Water Swimming is not just a sport,   its a lifestyle for those aspiring to challenge their limits.  The Open Water Planet brand creates signature events empowering committed athletes to explore our open planet, as well as lifestyle products that capture the essence of the OWP way of life. 

Open Water Planet will always remain true to its core,   keeping an open mind to the unpredicability of racing in open water,  while taking the time to enjoy and connect to an open planet and its potential.  we respect anyone who goes into the open water and inspires to attempt the extraordinary.

The water is now open......

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa

Beach falé packages are ideal for small groups of swimmers, couples or families who want to experience a real Samoan style holiday rather than a generic resort.

The friendliness of the staff and the cultural experience has proved to be very popular with swimmers of all ages and skill.

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